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Railed it

Tirox is the name Prol­ogo use for the ti­ta­nium tub­ing em­ployed on the Di­men­sion. The Prol­ogo rails’ shape and fix­ing points of­fer around a cen­time­tre more fore-aft ad­just­ment than the Spe­cial­ized, which is to be ex­pected, as at 245mm long the Di­men­sion is 5mm longer than the Power Arc.

Down to hull

Prol­ogo uses car­bon fi­bre for its hull con­struc­tion, the rail fittings on the Di­men­sion are wider at the rear and the hull it­self changes thick­ness, get­ting sig­nif­i­cantly thin­ner to­wards the cen­tral chan­nel. The stepped-down nose has a box sec­tion un­der­neath into which the rails are bonded. At the rear, Prol­ogo uses its U-Clip sys­tem where you can add a mount point for a va­ri­ety of ac­ces­sories.

Pad­ding around

The NDR in the name means this ver­sion comes with deeper high-den­sity pad­ding. It was de­vel­oped for moun­tain bike cross-coun­try world cham­pion Manuel Fu­mic, but is aimed at on and off road.

Even with the ex­tra pad­ding, the 207.1g weight is suit­ably light. The P.A.S. chan­nel is one of the best de­signs around – wide, well­shaped and run­ning the full length of the sad­dle.

The real win­ner here is the CPC cover – the tiny vol­canoshaped rub­berised tubes of­fer in­cred­i­ble grip in the wet and give the sur­face a more fluid feel. In hot weather the sep­a­ra­tion from the sad­dle sur­face keeps you com­fort­able. The Di­men­sion is only avail­able in 143mm width, but if it fits your sit bones then we’d highly rec­om­mend it.

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