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Ac­cord­ing to Sarah Dana­her of SRD Nu­tri­tion, it’s un­help­ful to beat your­self up about Christ­mas ex­cess. To start the year fly­ing you need to cut calo­ries safely. Her ad­vice: “Ag­gres­sively cut­ting too many calo­ries, or en­tire food groups such as car­bo­hy­drates, may get you fast re­sults on the scales but is likely to have a detri­men­tal im­pact on your cy­cling per­for­mance. Con­sis­tently un­der feed­ing your body means you are more likely to get ill, un­der per­form, and be­come ob­sessed about food. It’s okay to feel some hunger, but you shouldn’t be feel­ing rav­en­ous. Keep pro­tein rel­a­tively high to main­tain your mus­cle while los­ing the fat. Bump up the amount of veg­gies you are hav­ing and base the bulk of your car­bo­hy­drates around your train­ing ses­sions, be­fore, af­ter and dur­ing if you are go­ing for longer than 90 min­utes. Re­place the bis­cuits and crisps with chicken, tins of fish, eggs, milk, yo­gurt and whole­grain carbs such as oats. Also, have a dry Jan­uary – cut the al­co­hol and you’ll sig­nif­i­cantly cut the empty calo­ries.”

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