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Pre­hab is a hot topic right now. Tak­ing a small amount of time to cor­rect pos­tural prob­lems and flex­i­bil­ity is­sues could be a hid­den tool for im­proved year-round per­for­mance, ac­cord­ing to Paul Hough, lead Phys­i­ol­o­gist at St Marty’s Univer­sity. “On the sur­face, when you’re do­ing yoga or ba­sic pre­hab ex­er­cises, it feels like there’s no real gain. But af­ter a while you get ben­e­fits in terms of feel­ing bet­ter, mov­ing bet­ter and re­cov­er­ing bet­ter be­tween ses­sions. Most cy­clists have a for­ward shoul­der pos­ture from their time in the sad­dle, and re­ally tight hip flex­ors. Fix­ing these takes time and per­sis­tence: if you just stretch for a cou­ple of days you might only get an acute ben­e­fit, but if you do it over the long term you feel the all the ben­e­fits, and it en­ables you to get fur­ther into rid­ing po­si­tions. The rhom­boids and ro­ta­tor cuffs, the up­per back mus­cles, tend to be quite weak in cy­clists, so do­ing ex­er­cises such as pull-aparts with a re­sis­tance band ev­ery­day is a good place to start.” Try hold­ing a re­sis­tance band in front of you in an un­der­hand grip (palms up­ward) and, with your shoul­ders re­laxed and your el­bows at your sides, spread your hands apart hor­i­zon­tally so your shoul­der blades gen­tly squeeze to­gether.

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