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RUN­NING 100km, or reach­ing a camp on Mount Ever­est may seem like un­achiev­able goals but two Mackay men have shared just how they did just that.

Frank Marchetti’s goal of mak­ing it to Mount Ever­est be­gan as a teenager and since 2001 he has been there three times.

Speak­ing at a Young Pro­fes­sion­als net­work­ing event at Har­rup Park, Mr Marchetti said he had set his goal and dream af­ter read­ing the book An­na­purna by Mau­rice Her­zog as a 13-year-old.

“In 2001 I put a plan around that dream and said I need to go to Ever­est to have a look to see if I could climb it,” he said.

“So I went there and de­cided for my­self, it’s dif­fi­cult but I think I want to have an­other look and get a bit closer.”

He re­vealed his cri­te­ria for suc­cess on the moun­tain.

“One, come back alive; two, come back with all my ap­pendages; three, come back hav­ing given the summit at­tempt my very best phys­i­cal ef­fort and come back un­in­jured.

“I’m pre­pared to ac­cept a cou­ple of in­juries but I must give it my best shot first.”

Mean­while, Martin Lambert a fi­nan­cial plan­ner and marathon run­ner, who has run from Mo­ran­bah to Mackay pre­vi­ously, ad­vised re­search­ing your goals

“Within all of us, we have the de­sire to be suc­cess­ful and achieve some­thing and be the bet­ter me than yes­ter­day,” he said.

“The num­ber one rea­son peo­ple don’t reach their goals is they lose fo­cus.”

Goals could take time to achieve, Mr Lambert said, and you would learn from your mis­takes.

“When a baby starts walk­ing they don’t just stand up and tod­dle off, no one gives them a hard time,” he said.

“Some­times you can be so close to your goal when you give up. If you’re try­ing and not get­ting there, you’re one step closer to get­ting there, so try again and see how you go.”

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AD­VICE: Frank Marchetti (above) and Martin Lam­bert spoke about how they achieved their goals at a Young Pro­fes­sion­als event at Har­rup Park.

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