Palmer’s power sta­tion not vi­able

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CLIVE Palmer pro­poses to build a coal-fired power sta­tion to en­er­gise some mines near Al­pha. Why?

TMB, Septem­ber 13 CQ In­dus­try Fea­ture has news of two so­lar farms planned at Alodga near Yar­wun and Rodds Bay, about 40km NNE of Miriam Vale.

I ask the ques­tion af­ter com­par­ing the three sta­tions.

Clive’s sta­tion is 700MW, cost­ing $1.5 bil­lion to build and would em­ploy 90 dur­ing op­er­a­tion. Alodga would be 265MWand cost $500 mil­lion with 10 op­er­a­tors. Rodds Bay would be 300MW and cost $300m. Alodga should be cheaper than Rodds Bay as it is big­ger and is closer to the road and transmission line sys­tems.

I can only think that the cost of land is the rea­son.

Us­ing 1MW as the com­par­i­son unit we get the fol­low­ing: Rodds Bay costs $1 mil­lion per MW to build. Alodga costs $1.89m per MW to build and re­quires 0.02 op­er­a­tors per MW. Clive’s sta­tion costs $2.14m and needs 0.129 op­er­a­tors per MW – 6.5 times Alodga’s.

Clive’s sta­tion will re­quire coal, wa­ter and have to deal with the re­sul­tant ash for the life of the sta­tion. Any new coal-fired power sta­tion should be com­pelled to have car­bon cap­ture and stor­age to keep CO2 emis­sions man­age­able.

This would in­crease the build cost and this sys­tem could take up to 25 per cent of the sta­tion’s out­put for its op­er­a­tion, drop­ping the power avail­able to about 525MW.

Build­ing a coal-fired power sta­tion does not ap­pear to be fi­nan­cially log­i­cal. Tom Brad­bury, Nor­man Gar­dens

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