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Mr Bugeja should know if he was al­lowed to burn off make breaks fires would not have hap­pened, just greens in­spired Gov­ern­ment to lower emis­sions mas­sive FAIL killed tons of in­sects and fauna all for ex­pen­sive paris con.

HDB, Al­li­ga­tor Creek

Us­ing kids in ads talk­ing about what they prob­a­bly don’t un­der­stand. Must be a form of abuse. Us­ing kids in Union ac­tion when they don’t spell prop­erly on signs shows learn­ing is not be­ing done.

LM, Andergrove

Why doesn't the Aus­tralian gov­ern­ment do a deal with New Guinea to have refugees from Nauru with med­i­cal is­sues treated in a New Guinea hospi­tal rather than bring them to Aus­tralia. We cover the cost. That way they don't get into Aus­tralia. I'm sure the hos­pi­tals in New Guinea are of suf­fi­cient stan­dards. Once treated they can be re­turned to Nauru.

RZ, Andergrove

To­day be­ing Fri­day 7th De­cem­ber. In the last two days i have seen a coun­cil bi­tu­men re­pair truck sit at the Ness Street De­pot all day. What a waste of tax pay­ers money when there are roads to be patched es­pe­cially af­ter the last cou­ple of days’ rain. If you don’t want to work give the job to some­one else.

TB, West Mackay Con­grat­u­la­tions to Mem­ber for Daw­son Ge­orge Chris­tensen for wast­ing more of his tax­payer pro­vided com­mu­ni­ca­tion bud­get on cartoons and stunts but be­ing as it is why was he not in his elec­torate with his dozer and con­struc­tion equip­ment push­ing fire breaks?

KD, Walk­er­ston

Vince Sch­midtke, Gees mate those com­ments are what us non be­liev­ers call com­mon sense well writ­ten but get ready for the back­lash from the No Com­mon Sense be­liev­ers. DG, North Mackay

I re­fer to Jenny Mox­ham's let­ters to the Ed­i­tor. It's ok to be ve­gan but not ok to con­tin­u­ally force your views and cho­sen life­style on oth­ers. You con­stantly con­demn those who eat dif­fer­ent foods than you. Get over it and be more tol­er­ant. Your hate­ful di­a­tribe falls on deaf ears. Horses for cour­ses. Or are you 'of­fended' by that too?

KS, Oo­ralea

La­bor and Greens are to blame for the fires. Farm­ers could’ve saved cat­tle lives had they been given ac­cess to the Parks, Grass would’ve been eaten and less fire fo­liage. Re­peal the no ac­cess to Parks for Farm­ers. Stupid Greens had horses shot. LM, Andergrove

How did Sarah Han­son Young fool enough vot­ers in or­der to get voted into the Se­nate?

RB, Kelso

We can say well done to the vot­ers in the elec­torate of Went­worth, they have elected a closet green when they in­stalled Dr Phelps as a in­de­pen­dent in the seat.

RB, Kelso

Some time ago there was talk about di­rect flights from Mackay to New Zealand. What hap­pened?

BB, Andergrove

Don't think Cabs will have too much to worry about with Uber. Tried 4 times in 2 hrs and no cabs avail­able from Andergrove to air­port.

MG, Mackay

Wait­ing for a state­ment from the Gree­nies how they jus­tify their no burn­ing off pol­icy, doubt we'll ever get to see one. Cant un­der­stand how strong farm­ers and gra­zier or­gan­i­sa­tions take on board rules and reg­u­la­tions that are put to­gether in air con­di­tioned of­fices in Bris­bane, know­ing full well that the end re­sult fin­ishes in dis­as­ters,even the abo­rig­ines knew how to look af­ter the land by hav­ing con­trolled burnoffs.

PH, Mi­rani

Driver of blue Fal­con Ute on Tues­day af­ter­noon in front of Mackay Ul­tratune. I sounded my horn be­cause didnt even look af­ter you backed out of a drive­way then drove to­wards the gut­ter, then back into the line of traf­fic without in­di­cat­ing. You gave me the fin­ger and you were in the wrong. Great at­ti­tude what a win­ner. Looks great on dash cam. I'm sur­prised you had the en­ergy to stick your arm out the win­dow and raise your fin­ger since you are too crazy to in­di­cate or watch for cars. NB, Mackay

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