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AFTER two brain surg­eries, 33 ses­sions of ra­di­a­tion and three rounds of chemo­ther­apy with no suc­cess, an Aussie teen has trav­elled to a can­cer clinic in Thai­land for rad­i­cal treat­ment.

Jolanda Angie Sa­pulete: What­ever it is in Thai­land or Aus­tralia I hope you get bet­ter soon young man, fingers crossed.

Lorna An­drews: Best wishes young man.

Rosie Wooppy: In­ter­est­ing...Thai­land has just le­gal­ized “Med­i­cal Cannabis” and have some of the best orig­i­nal “Med­i­cal” lan­drace strains in the world due to cli­mate and soils.

I would hope that it is part of his ther­apy com­bined with tar­geted nu­tri­tion.

Chemo is a poi­son that kills ev­ery good cell in the body and will take peo­ple faster than no treat­ment. Hope he is suc­cess­ful and gets well soon. Good luck mate.

Sharone Carter: Heal­ing prayers.

WHAT started as a hous­ing cri­sis is rapidly hurt­ing other parts of the econ­omy as con­fi­dence weak­ens.

Terri Smith: House prices go up, house prices go down. What’s new about that? It’s only a prob­lem if you’re try­ing to selĺ your house for more than it’s ac­tu­aĺy worth on the mar­ket. If you own it, live in it and don’t in­tend to sell it, doesn’t mat­ter what the mar­ket value is.

Richard Ni­cholls: That’s what hap­pens, seen it all be­fore, maybe a re­ces­sion com­ing up, wouldn’t be too wor­ried, still plenty of de­mand for hous­ing ev­ery­where.

Any slow down on the east coast will be taken up by the west coast, four giant mine projects start­ing shortly.

A PAS­SEN­GER on board a flight on which a young boy died has de­scribed the heart­break­ing mo­ment the child started to panic half an hour into the jour­ney.

Tim Dean: We should ban fly­ing.

Stephanie Cowan: Sec­ond per­son to death on the air­plane.

Pre­cious Amor: This is sad. It’s the great Aussie de­bate: Ute or Pick-up?

Therese Mighall: Ute is Aus­tralian. Pick-up is Amer­i­can.

Steve Graves: Never heard it de­bated, ever.

Joanne Day: No ques­tion, it’s ute here.

Wild­frog, Walk­er­ston: Yes the Amer­i­can Ford mo­tor com­pany pro­duce the first ute in Aus­tralia in 1934; how­ever, Ford Amer­ica pro­duced one in 1925, Dodge built one in 1920... I have no idea where the idea we in­vented the ute came from.

We in­vented the name maybe?

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