This cock­tail could re­verse mem­ory loss

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BOFFINS have cre­ated a drink­able cock­tail of “de­signer mol­e­cules” that could cure Alzheimer’s and re­verse mem­ory loss.

De­men­tia char­i­ties de­scribed the break­through as “fas­ci­nat­ing” after it was proven to work in mice.

Their brains and mem­ory im­proved after tak­ing the po­tion just twice a day for a month.

Based on an ex­ist­ing an­tibi­otic, the drink works by block­ing a cru­cial step in the dis­ease process.

Re­searchers from Yale Univer­sity in the US are now work­ing to see if it is safe for hu­mans.

They think just one cock­tail a day could be enough to de­liver ben­e­fits.

Dr Stephen Strittmat­ter, who worked on the study, said: “We do not have any hu­man dos­ing data for this com­pound but once a day is a likely clin­i­cal sce­nario.”

Dr David Reynolds, from Alzheimer’s Re­search UK, said: “The re­searchers showed that this ex­per­i­men­tal drug is able to im­prove mem­ory symp­toms and re­store vi­tal nerve cell con­nec­tions in mice bred to have fea­tures of Alzheimer’s.

“These promis­ing early re­sults will need to be re­pro­duced in fur­ther ex­per­i­ments that also es­tab­lish the drug’s safety pro­file be­fore it can en­ter clin­i­cal tri­als to see whether it is ef­fec­tive in peo­ple with Alzheimer’s dis­ease.

“With no new drug treat­ment for de­men­tia in over 15 years, promis­ing early find­ings like this serve as a pos­i­tive re­minder that re­search is mak­ing progress to­wards break­throughs that will change lives.”

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