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PLAN­NING on spend­ing Jan­uary in the gym fran­ti­cally work­ing off all the ex­cess calo­ries you put away dur­ing 2018?

If so, you might want to calm down – be­cause crash-ex­er­cis­ing really won’t help.

Crash-ex­er­cis­ing is when you try to cram a load of ex­er­cise into a small pocket of time in the hope of mak­ing big gains.

Loads of us do it when we’re at the start of a fit­ness regime or we’re try­ing to get in shape for some­thing in par­tic­u­lar.

But slow and steady really does win the race when it comes to long-last­ing health and fit­ness.

Why? Be­cause crash-any­thing is un­sus­tain­able.

When we go really hard on the di­et­ing and ex­er­cis­ing, we tend to carry on for a lit­tle while be­fore re­al­is­ing that we haven’t been able to meet our mas­sive goal as quickly as we’d hoped. That then leads to us giv­ing up.

For most peo­ple, it takes at least three months be­fore you start to look no­tice­ably dif­fer­ent – although just two months can make you feel to­tally dif­fer­ent.

Although get­ting fit is about you feel­ing health­ier and more con­fi­dent, there’s really noth­ing like get­ting a bit of re­as­sur­ance from other peo­ple notic­ing your ef­forts. Three months might seem a long time, but it’ll be worth it when that time comes.

What’s the point in start­ing a fit­ness regime if it’s not go­ing to stick once you’ve reached your goal?

Fit­ness should be a life­time achieve­ment be­cause it can help you to stay healthy even in old age.

Bing­ing on ex­er­cise stops you from see­ing it as just part of your daily rou­tine. It re­in­forces that fact that you’re do­ing it for a short pe­riod of time, when in fact, you want to start think­ing that ex­er­cise is just some­thing you do.

There’s noth­ing like over­do­ing it to put you at risk of in­jury. And get­ting in­jured is a sure-fire way of putting a halt on your progress.

By tak­ing it steadily, you can in­crease your ex­er­cise load slowly as you get fit­ter and stronger.

Lis­ten to your body. Rest when you feel like you need to rest and push your­self only as far as you feel com­fort­able.

This year could be the year you get into shape and live a health­ier life – and you’ve got an en­tire year to make that change.

Get­ting healthy is really sim­ple; all you have to do is move more and eat nour­ish­ing foods.

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EASE INTO IT: Take it slow and steady when you start a fit­ness regime and rest when you need to.

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