To kick goals, set goal­posts


IT’S not one of my strengths but I do un­der­stand the im­por­tance of set­ting goals. I’m not talk­ing the New Year’s Res­o­lu­tion type of goals or those seem­ingly in­signif­i­cant small tasks, like plan­ning the weekly chores, that count as goals.

I’m talk­ing the big stuff – the more for­mal long-term goals.

Without these goals you lack fo­cus and di­rec­tion. I find my­self in this predica­ment from time to time be­cause I haven’t set my­self a goal. I get caught up with just go­ing with the flow. And this some­times leaves me feel­ing dis­ap­pointed and frus­trated.

Set­ting goals has al­ways seemed over­whelm­ing to me, be­cause it meant com­mit­ting to some­thing I wasn’t sure how to make or achieve.

Goals give you a tar­get to aim for. They give us the abil­ity to home in on the ex­act ac­tions we need to per­form to achieve ev­ery­thing we de­sire.

But in or­der to ac­com­plish them, you need to know how to set them. It’s not as sim­ple as just say­ing “I want to...” and ex­pect­ing it to hap­pen. That’s why many of those New Year’s Res­o­lu­tions fail.

There are many guide­lines out there to help you for­mu­late ef­fec­tive and achiev­able goals.

Do an in­ter­net search and I guar­an­tee you will find an abun­dance of sites about goal set­ting.

I have done some of the ground work as my goal is to set goals.

Here are my tips:

● De­cide ex­actly what you want to achieve.

● Make sure your goals are mo­ti­vat­ing. Mo­ti­va­tion is key to achiev­ing goals.

● Write them down and say why they are valu­able and im­por­tant.

● Make them clear, wellde­fined, spe­cific and ex­act in na­ture. In­clude amounts, dates etc so you can mea­sure your progress.

● Or­gan­ise your time and your re­sources so that you can achieve the goal.

● Cre­ate a step-by-step plan to get from point A (where you are now) to point B (where you want to be). ● Be ac­count­able.

● Stay open (things can change) and stay pos­i­tive (you may face set­backs).

● Reg­u­larly re-visit your goals – keep go­ing back to the rea­son and your de­sire for the goal, to help you stay on track.

There’s lots to ex­pe­ri­ence in life, but many of the things we want to achieve aren’t handed to us – we need to have a fo­cus and work for it.

I have come to re­alise that suc­cess does not really de­pend on any­one else and that one thing is for cer­tain – you can never achieve goals if you don’t set them.

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