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The na­tion’s largest cer­ti­fier for or­ganic and bio­dy­namic pro­duce, Aus­tralian Or­ganic Ltd, has cer­ti­fied soil amend­ment and fer­til­izer FertAg 0–8–0 as or­ganic. FertAg man­ag­ing di­rec­tor Les Szonyi said the com­pany is proud of its newly ac­quired sta­tus and looks for­ward to giv­ing or­ganic farm­ers an ef­fi­cient source of or­ganic phos­pho­rus (P) as well as im­prov­ing soil health and crop qual­ity. “FertAg 0–8–0 of­fers or­ganic farm­ers a source of 95 per cent avail­able P (8 per cent) which is faster act­ing in acid soils than the usual sources of or­ganic P — re­ac­tive rock phos­phate and guano,” Mr Szonyi said. FertAg 0–8–0 pro­vides soil amend­ment and fer­til­izer to­gether in one ap­pli­ca­tion to acid soils. It as­sists in in­creas­ing pH to a sus­tain­able level whilst pro­vid­ing use­ful amounts of macro el­e­ments Ca, Mg, Si and P as well as a range of mi­cro nu­tri­ents. It is not water sol­u­ble and there­fore does not leach or wash away. FertAg 0–8–0 works with the nat­u­ral soil chem­istry to di­gest soil acid as well as pro­vid­ing min­er­als in a plant avail­able form. It is high in plant avail­able cal­cium (23 per cent), mag­ne­sium (10 per cent) sil­i­con (11 per cent) and phos­pho­rus (8 per cent) and also acts as an al­ter­na­tive to lime. Reg­u­lar ap­pli­ca­tion of the or­ganic fer­til­izer and mon­i­tor­ing through soil tests will show both im­prove­ment in soil health and greater avail­abil­ity of nu­tri­ents in a sus­tain­able pro­duc­tive way, where also other macros such as N and K can be soil held and be more plant avail­able. “The sci­ence is about FertAg 0–8–0 di­gest­ing soil acid to get the soil ph (CaCl) to 6–6.5 where most macro and mi­cro nu­tri­ents are plant avail­able and im­prov­ing CEC to buf­fer and sta­bi­lize soil pH,” Mr Szonyi said. FertAg 0–8–0’s unique plant avail­able cal­cium sil­i­cates have proven in con­ven­tional agri­cul­ture to strengthen and ‘sweeten’ plants whether pas­ture or hor­ti­cul­tural pro­duce. This will re­sult in sim­i­lar in­creases in the qual­ity and the prod­uct shelf life of or­ganic pro­duce.

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