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Stu­art and Greg Conochie from Kal­bar, south east Queens­land milk about 230 Jersey cows and have a struc­tured feed plan in­clud­ing the graz­ing of GTL 60 lucerne from Pas­ture Ge­net­ics. The lucerne pas­tures are typ­i­cally grazed from May through un­til Au­gust in con­junc­tion with Jivet Tetraploid An­nual Ital­ian Rye-grass pas­tures. Through spring and sum­mer pe­ri­ods when lucerne is in its peak grow­ing time, round bale hay silage is cut to sup­ple­ment the feed ra­tion when re­quired. In re­cent years Q75 Lucerne and GTL 60 Lucerne have been the pre­ferred va­ri­eties for the Conochies. Stu­art said they look for qual­ity and per­sis­tence when se­lect­ing a dual-pur­pose Lucerne for their re­gion and GTL 60 lu­cenre meets all their re­quire­ments, while Q75 lucerne is more of a pre­mium hay op­tion. In April, the Conochies sowed an ir­ri­gated pad­dock of GTL 60 Lucerne at 25 kg/ha. In the first year, the pad­dock per­formed well pro­duc­ing good yields un­der some ex­treme sum­mer tem­per­a­tures and large rain­fall events. Stu­art com­mented that the lucerne was tested in its first year. In May an­other pad­dock was sown to both GTL 60 Lucerne and Q75 Lucerne. The Conochies said both va­ri­eties have a place in their sys­tem. They are aim­ing for at least three or more qual­ity years of pro­duc­tion.

Stu­art Conochie

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