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NUM­BERS de­creased slightly at Dalby this week with the com­bined agents yard­ing a to­tal of 7019 head of cat­tle. Sup­ply was re­ceived from far west­ern dis­tricts, in­clud­ing con­sign­ments from SA, far west QLD, west­ern NSW and the usual lo­cal sup­ply ar­eas. Buyer at­ten­dance was good and most were op­er­at­ing on a cheaper mar­ket. Well-bred younger lines strug­gled at times with poorer qual­ity lines con­sid­er­ably cheaper. Young light­weight year­ling steers made to 301.2c/kg with poorer qual­ity lines av­er­ag­ing 220c/kg. Medium weight year­ling steers to feed lost 19c/kg with some sell­ing to 308.2c/kg. Heavy weights steers to feed ex­pe­ri­enced very lit­tle change to sell to 315c/kg. Light­weight year­ling heifers lost 15–25c/kg sell­ing to 252.2c/kg with lesser qual­ity lines cheaper to sell to 188c/kg. Medium weight year­ling heifers sold to 270c/kg. Heavy grown steers and bul­locks lost 6–16c/kg with steers mak­ing to 305.2c/kg and bul­locks to 305c/kg. The large num­ber of cows sold to a mar­ket 14–22c/kg cheaper with good heavy cows mak­ing to 239.2c/kg but gen­er­ally around 227c/kg av­er­age. Good heavy bulls made to 268.2c/kg. Calves sold from $30–$420. Cows and calves $250–$1400. Heavy bulls sold to 268.2c/kg. Heavy cows sold to 239.2c/kg. Heifers in­clud­ing year­ling sold to 290.2c/kg. Steers in­clud­ing year­lings sold to 315c/kg. Year­ling bulls sold to 292.2c/kg. Char­bray cows sold for 228.2c/kg to weigh 617.2kg to re­turn $1408.50. Char­bray heifers sold for 281.2c/kg to weigh 459.2kg to re­turn $1291.18. An­gus steers sold for 310c/kg to weigh 368.3kg to re­turn $1141.83. Santa x cows sold for 230.2c/kg to weigh 633.5kg to re­turn $1458.32. Speckle park cows sold for 229.2c/kg to weigh 510kg to re­turn $1168.92. Santa x steers sold for 270c/kg to weigh 845kg to re­turn $2281.50. Charo­lais x steers sold for 270c/kg to weigh 785kg to re­turn $2119.50. Charo­lais cows sold for 239.2c/kg to weigh 637kg to re­turn $1523.70. An­gus bull sold for 226.2c/kg to weigh 700kg to re­turn $1583.40. A run of 175 com­pos­ite steers sold to feed for an av­er­age 296.1c/kg to weigh 315.3kg to re­turn $933.52 with the tops mak­ing $1086.47/head. Santa steers sold for ex­port slaugh­ter sold for 303.2c/kg to weigh 629.4kg to re­turn $1908.27. An­gus x steers sold for 280.2c/kg to weigh 725kg to re­turn $2031.45. Here­ford x steers sold for 279.2c/kg to weigh 656kg to re­turn $1831.55. Santa bulls sold for 237.2c/kg to weigh 895kg to re­turn $2122.94. Santa bulls sold for 234.2c/kg to weigh 1015kg to re­turn $2377.13. Drought­mas­ter cows sold for 226.2c/kg to weigh 637.5kg to re­turn $1442.03. Charo­lais x steers sold for 285.2c/kg to weigh 669.4kg to re­turn $1909.06.

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