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Isuzu was not only Australia’s top-sell­ing new truck make in 2019, but also the most pop­u­lar used truck brand across the Bauer Me­dia Group classified­s net­work

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Ex­clu­sive new and used truck mar­ket data

Isuzu was the most-en­quiredupon truck make on the Bauer Me­dia Group truck and ma­chin­ery classified­s net­work in 2019, ex­clu­sive new data re­veals.

Some 5,400 used trucks – from Atkin­sons to Whites – are cur­rently ad­ver­tised for sale across the net­work com­pris­ing, Ful­ly­, Own­, TradeTruck­, TradeEarth­movers., TradeFar­mMachin­, and TradePlan­tEquip­ – reach­ing more than 450,000 ‘unique’ in-mar­ket buy­ers in De­cem­ber alone.

Isuzu – which com­prises just be­low 17 per cent of to­tal stock for sale – gen­er­ated 12.29 per cent of to­tal searches and an out­sized 21.6 per cent of to­tal en­quiries in the 12 months to De­cem­ber 31, 2019. This is well ahead of Ken­worth, which gen­er­ated al­most 36 per cent of searches but just 14.6 per cent of en­quiries in the pe­riod, off the back of 7.98 per cent of stock.

No­tably, Hino punched well above its weight, with the Ja­panese brand ac­count­ing for 10.7 per cent of en­quiries de­spite com­pris­ing just 5.8 per cent of searches; ahead of Volvo, which was the sub­ject of 7.04 per cent of en­quiries and 6.02 per cent of searches.

Round­ing out the top 10 were Mack (6.2 per cent of en­quiries and 11.8 per cent of searches), Freight­liner (5.25 per cent of en­quiries and 3.8 per cent of searches), West­ern Star (3.1 per cent of en­quiries and 5.27 per cent of searches), Iveco (2.88 per cent of en­quiries and

2.1 per cent of searches), Sca­nia (2.69 per cent of en­quiries and 3.2 per cent of searches), and In­ter­na­tional (2.3 per cent of en­quiries and 2.36 per cent of searches).

* Stock items for sale on Bauer Me­dia Group net­work as at Feb 4, 2020. ** Based on to­tal searches for the pe­riod Jan 1, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019. *** Based on to­tal en­quires for the pe­riod Jan 1, 2019 to Dec 31, 2019

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