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• PARSNIP is the ul­ti­mate win­ter root veg­etable, the creamy white flesh be­com­ing sweeter dur­ing cold sea­sons. Opt for smaller parsnips when buy­ing – large ones are prone to a woody cen­tre.

• RHUBARB, though tech­ni­cally a veg­etable, is at its best when in­cor­po­rated into some­thing sweet. The nat­u­rally tart stalks can be frozen for year-round use.

• CEL­ERY is high in fi­bre and packed with an­ti­in­flam­ma­tory prop­er­ties. All parts of the dis­tinc­tively flavoured plant can be used – leaves, stalks and seeds.

‘Topfen­go­latsche’, cream cheese, rhubarb

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