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and renowned bar owner and en­tre­pre­neur David Abela are mak­ing moves to get be­hind the food world’s lat­est trend: plant-based eat­ing. Well known as Jamie Oliver’s right-hand man, Tobie is in the process of de­vel­op­ing the Su­per­Nat­u­ral food pro­gram and is work­ing with busi­ness part­ner David to bring it to the main­stream via su­per­mar­kets.

The idea be­hind Su­per­Nat­u­ral is to re­move any stigma around a plant-based diet as peo­ple be­come more in­vested in the health im­pact of what they eat.

Over a long lunch with friends in a strik­ing Hecker Guthrie-de­signed home in Mel­bourne’s Toorak, the duo ex­plained their ethos. “For Su­per­Nat­u­ral to be a suc­cess, we had to do some­thing that we would both be proud to put our names to,” says David. “Both of our wives are veg­e­tar­ian, so it just made sense when we re­alised there was a gap in the mar­ket for a high- qual­ity, ac­ces­si­ble ve­gan prod­uct that didn’t have any preser­va­tives or ad­di­tives – and that’s what will be in­trin­sic to the brand.”

For Tobie, it is qual­ity and flavour first: “I want to do real food that is nat­u­ral, nour­ish­ing and tastes amaz­ing. It will be ve­gan food, but not just for ve­g­ans. Su­per­Nat­u­ral prod­ucts will be able to com­ple­ment some­thing like roast lamb or crispy salmon fil­let.” Fin­ish­ing on a sweet note, David laughs: “I love the choco­late mousse. We’re hop­ing to bring it into the Su­per­Nat­u­ral range soon. I can’t stop eat­ing it, it’s just so good.”

FROM LEFT: Josh Hamp­shire, head mixol­o­gist at David’s Rich­mond bar, The Ugly Duck­ling; Daniel Vidi­novski, a friend and busi­ness part­ner in The Ugly Duck­ling; friend Diane Keith; Re­becca Amos and hus­band David; Ge­or­gia Puttock and hus­band Tobie; Sarah De Boer, a long-time fam­ily friend of David and Re­becca.

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