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time when stews with dumplings or pota­toes are a lit­tle on the nose among the snooty culi­nary elite. And the rest of us have caught on to the con of those so-called ‘one-pot meals’ that still rely on dirty­ing a sec­ond pot for the rice, mash or, maybe, po­lenta to soak up all those juices.

The tray bake is the ac­cept­able mod­ern face of one-pot cook­ery, as well as hark­ing back to a time when ev­ery­thing for the Sun­day roast – ex­cept the peas and car­rots – was cooked in the roast­ing tray.

Tray bakes are also a lit­tle magic, as this tech­nique of roast­ing and brais­ing in­gre­di­ents to­gether can be adapted to mak­ing pretty much ev­ery recipe eas­ier with far less wash­ing up. It’s just a mat­ter of good tim­ing.

The tray bake is the true heir to the one-pot crown, whether the carbs are in there from the be­gin­ning, like the sweet pota­toes here in ‘The Don­ald’s worst night­mare’; join the other in­gre­di­ents al­ready par-cooked, as in our take on an aloo gobi curry; or are added raw at the end to soak up the tasty juices, like the orzo pasta in the ‘Klepto Lamb’ bake or the can­nellini beans in our cheat’s cas­soulet.

Any­way, they’re call­ing our flight, so let’s get tray-bake trip­pin’.

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