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Matt Pre­ston’s Greek lamb via an Aussie sheep sta­tion (June 2018, p 93) should be re-ti­tled Ned Kelly Lamb, be­cause it is bul­let­proof! Hav­ing re­cently re­lo­cated to Yu­lara (Uluru), I have to adopt a flex­i­ble ap­proach when it comes to shop­ping for in­gre­di­ents: ev­ery­thing is freighted in twice a week; some­times the trucks are late or don’t ar­rive at all; in­gre­di­ents you could get one week fail to ap­pear the next. So it was no sur­prise when, keen to try Matt’s global tray bake, I en­coun­tered a num­ber of prob­lems. No lamb – never mind, I’ll dice up this pork shoul­der. Fresh oregano – not likely, but dried will do. Oh, and I’m glutenin­tol­er­ant – re­place the risoni with long-grain rice. And the re­sult was a de­li­cious, hearty and warm­ing win­ner of a meal (my part­ner was also im­pressed by the fact that there was less wash­ing up for him). Colleen McComish

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