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Be­gin this recipe 1 day ahead.

1 ti­ta­nium-strength gela­tine leaf 1 (260g) beet­root, chopped

1/4 cup (60ml) red wine vine­gar 1 tbs caster su­gar Creme fraiche, to serve


1 x 7g sa­chet dried yeast 1 tsp caster su­gar 200g Greek yo­ghurt 1 tbs fen­nel seeds, toasted 12/ 3 cups (260g) plain whole­meal flour, plus ex­tra to dust Ex­tra vir­gin olive oil, to grease and to brush 2 cured chorizo sausages, cas­ings re­moved, chopped

Soak gela­tine in cold wa­ter for 5 min­utes to soften. Place beet­root, vine­gar, su­gar and 1/4 cup (60ml) wa­ter in a blender, sea­son and whiz un­til smooth.

Line a sieve with muslin or a clean Chux cloth and place over a bowl. Pour beet­root puree into sieve and set aside for 10 min­utes for juice to run into bowl (press down to ex­tract as much juice as pos­si­ble). Trans­fer beet­root juice (you should have around 200ml) to a small saucepan over high heat and bring to the boil. Squeeze ex­cess wa­ter from gela­tine and add to pan. Stir to dis­solve and set aside to cool for 30 min­utes, then pour into a serv­ing dish and chill for 3- 4 hours or un­til set.

To make the chorizo flatbreads, com­bine yeast, su­gar and 1 tbs luke­warm wa­ter in a stand mixer fit­ted with the dough hook. Add yo­ghurt, fen­nel seeds, flour and 1/2 tsp salt flakes and knead on medium for 10 min­utes or un­til smooth and elas­tic. Lightly grease in­side of stand mixer bowl with oil, cover with plas­tic wrap and set aside in a warm place for 2 hours or un­til dough dou­bles in size. Mean­while, place chorizo in a food pro­ces­sor and pulse un­til crum­bled. Trans­fer to a bowl and set aside.

Re­turn dough to stand mixer and knead for a fur­ther 5 min­utes on medium or un­til smooth and elas­tic.

Di­vide dough into 6 pieces. Work­ing with 1 piece at a time, on a work sur­face lightly dusted with flour, roll out each por­tion to form a rough oval. Sprin­kle over some chorizo crumb and, start­ing from the

short­est end, roll to en­close. Roll dough back out to an oval shape. Re­peat process with re­main­ing dough and chorizo.

Lightly brush flatbreads with oil and cook in a large non-stick pan over medium-high heat for 3 min­utes each side or un­til lightly charred and cooked through. Serve warm with beet­root jelly and creme fraiche.

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