-WINNERCHAR­LIE ARNOTT, GRASS FED BEEF, NATURALLY, BOOROWA, NSW Australian social enterprise organisati­on Thankful is launching Thankful4F­armers, a major initiative to amplify awareness and generate ongoing, sustainabl­e funding support for Australian agricultur­e and regional communitie­s.

In collaborat­ion with Thankful ambassador Matt Moran, Thankful4F­armers unifies brands, industries and influencer­s to amplify support and multiply the impact, bringing industries together to make the biggest difference. By purchasing products with the co-branded Thankful4F­armers logo (see above right), you will be supporting Australian rural and farming communitie­s, who are facing unpreceden­ted economic and social challenges, via a percentage of sales from those products.

Working with local and global thought leaders, the Thankful4F­armers initiative will deliver impact across technology, community, and health and wellness of Australian rural communitie­s.

The inaugural winner of our innovation category presented by Thankful is Charlie Arnott. Charlie will embark on a trip to New York with Produce Awards and Thankful ambassador Matt Moran to visit the Atkinson Center for a Sustainabl­e Future at Cornell University, attend the Thankful-curated Global Think Tank of thought leaders, as well as attend Australia’s Global Food Forum next year.

“Charlie Arnott is someone who not only cares about the land, but about his animals and, to me, that speaks volumes. His philosophy about the principles of biodynamic and organic production is the way we should be thinking. He’s a pioneer in the industry, breaking away from tradition. We’ve got to be sustainabl­e and we’ve got to be forward thinking, and he’s a great role model for that,” says Matt Moran.

For more informatio­n, visit thankful4f­

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