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An email to re-Mem-ber


Last week, students at Mathoura Public School were thrilled to receive a very special email — return correspond­ence from the iconic and acclaimed Australian children’s book author Mem Fox.

Year 3 and Year 4 students had been enjoying many of Mem’s wonderful picture books during their weekly library sessions, leading into an exploratio­n of the life and work of Mem herself.

Teacher Rachael McCartney and students emailed Mem a letter, asking her 10 questions devised by the students.

It was with much excitement that Mem’s response was received.

Dear Mrs McCartney and students in 3/4 class at Mathoura Public School,

Thank you all for reading so many of my books and thanks for writing.

I’ve written my answers to your questions after the questions below.

1. Where is your favourite holiday destinatio­n? North


2. What book are you working on at the moment? Meerkat Mayhem, a crazy book about a meerkat stuck in his burrow.

3. What is your favourite movie? Honestly, I don’t know but at the moment it might be Paddington. It’s just so funny.

4. Have you ever heard of Mathoura and do you know anyone who lives here? No, I don’t know anyone in Mathoura, but I bet you don’t know anyone in

Brighton, South Australia, either!!! Except for me, of course.

5. What is your favourite book that was written by a different author? Owl Babies by Martin Waddell.

6. Which book took you the longest to write? My latest, Early One Morning, is only 90 words and I worked on it for eight years.

7. What is your favourite colour? Pink. Or green. It depends on the day.

8. How many unpublishe­d books have you written? About


9. What breed of horse is your favourite? Is there more than one breed of horse? (Can you tell I live in the city?)

10. What is your favourite food to eat? Persimmons. They are such a beautiful colour. I adore them.

All the best!

— Mem Fox.

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Bonnie Hullah, Gatehouse and Chad reading some of Mem books.
Ward Fox’s
Bonnie Hullah, Gatehouse and Chad reading some of Mem books. Goldie Ward Fox’s

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