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After 100 days, kinder’s not getting old


St Michael’s kindergart­en students had quite the transforma­tion on Tuesday.

The youngsters celebrated the milestone of reaching their 100th day of school — and they sure showed how much they’ve grown up!

Students and teachers dressed up as ‘old people’ to mark the occasion, and have a bit of fun.

The youngsters were unrecognis­able as themselves, with many resembling their grandparen­ts.

Principal Nick Braybon said there were walking frames, grey hair and glasses, as well as a game or two of bingo.

And the children got right into the spirit.

‘‘The kids loved getting into character for the day,’’ Mr Braybon said, ‘‘with many suddenly developing old man limps and crook backs.

‘‘There were even some grandma and grandpa accents getting around.’’

Older students also enjoyed celebratin­g with the kinder students, and playing up to their old people characteri­stics and traits.

Their teachers, Jane McBurnie and Woody Fellows, participat­ed too.

‘‘The kids got a big laugh out of seeing their teachers’ transforma­tion,’’ Mr Braybon said.

The day was themed around the number 100, including class activities.

‘‘This included counting, putting 100 into their writing and using 100 in their artworks,’’ Mr Braybon said.

It’s been a busy first 100 days for the 24 kinder students, Mr Braybon says, getting up to all sorts of exciting things during the year.

‘‘They’ve been making new friendship­s, playing in our playground and enjoying our school canteen,’’ Mr Braybon said.

And there has also been lots of learning in the classroom.

‘‘They’ve been learning letter sounds and blending them to make words, learning numbers to 30, counting, adding and subtractin­g groups of things, practising and improving their handwritin­g.’’

Overall, it was a great chance to celebrate for staff and students, with 100 days down and many more exciting days on the way.

 ??  ?? ■ St Michael’s students Bertie Landale and Levi De Silva all dressed up.
■ St Michael’s students Bertie Landale and Levi De Silva all dressed up.

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