Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Let’s rethink our returns scheme

- Dear Editor,

The border restrictio­ns are having a detrimenta­l effect on our tourism and caravan parks.

While these restrictio­ns are in place us locals can now have access to our local Return and Earn facility, but once border restrictio­ns are lifted we will once again be inundated with Victorianr­egistered utes and trailers, loaded to the hilt with woolpacks full of cans and bottles bought south of the border, once again taking cash out of Deni back to Echuca and beyond.

These people should only get vouchers for their cans and bottles, not cash as the vouchers will only be redeemable in Deni — just a thought.

PS: Vouchers only may have them think twice before coming to Deni. Yours etc

T Mills, Conargo

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