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On way to $1m


The Navorina Nursing Home’s $1 million fundraisin­g drive has hit a whopping $230,000 just two months after it started.

Contributi­ons from businesses and families have been welcomed, with staff and board members thanking the community for its kindness.

The most recent donation was $100,000 from a local businesspe­rson who wished to remain anonymous.

‘‘I was quite shocked actually and very excited,’’ Navorina business manager Skye Parks said.

‘‘It means everything to us that someone would invest that much.’’

The donor has had a long relationsh­ip with Navorina, including family members who were residents there, and felt it was important to give back to a communityo­wned facility.

Fundraisin­g committee chair Justine Keech said reaching that new threshold was ‘‘just fabulous’’.

The fundraiser is raising $1 million to modernise the original building at the nursing home.

The design for the upgrades includes a hair

salon, cafe, multimedia hub, craft room, chapel, physiother­apy room, lounge area and new nurses’ station.

Previous fundraisin­g efforts and grants have been used to build new wings, provide residents with private bedrooms and increase the capacity of the nursing home by about 20 beds.

Informatio­n regarding the upgrades and the appeal is also available from Navorina business manager Skye Parks on 5881 3944 or Neville Purtill on

0417 100 516. To get involved with the fundraisin­g committee, phone Justine Keech on 0427 811 866.

 ??  ?? Fundraisin­g committee chair Justine Keech.
Fundraisin­g committee chair Justine Keech.

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