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Plant a tree, make forest of the future


Congratula­tions to local woman, Naomi Scaletti, who topped the poll in Tuesday’s election for membership on the Mathoura Bowling Club board of directors.

Naomi joins returning board members, president Graeme Collette, Allan Watson, Lindsay Vallance and Jim Bertram, along with two other new directors, Alan Polock and Mick Hooper, in her new role.

Mathoura Bowling Club is an excellent facility for our town and district.

Members have placed their trust in you all to ensure it continues to grow and prosper in the years to come.

Good luck to you all!

Bowlers are reminded that the annual general meeting of the Men’s Bowls Committee is scheduled for Monday, August 23.

Anyone wanting to have items included on the agenda should put their requests in writing to committee secretary Lindsay Vallance, place them in a sealed envelope addressed to the secretary and drop them off at the front office by 5 pm on August 16.

Nomination forms, which have been mailed out to members, must be completed, placed in sealed envelopes addressed to the bowls secretary and also dropped off at the club’s front desk.

Mathoura Public School students yesterday did their bit to make the school grounds greener and shadier in the future.

The youngsters took part in the observance of Plant A Tree Day, albeit a little early.

The annual event, usually held on the first Sunday in August, is designed to help people give back to the community.

Each of the children planted a tree along the school’s back fence, the result of which is hoped will be evident for many years to come.

Organisers are grateful to Leaves and Vines Nursery in Deniliquin for donating the trees.

Don’t forget, tomorrow is a big day for the Mathoura Football Netball Club.

The home game is the Indigenous Round in the Picola League and it will combine with the club’s Sponsors’ Day.

As a feature of the Indigenous Round the local lads will be wearing jumpers designed by Uncle Rick Walker from Moonahcull­ah Mission, which will be auctioned after the games.

During and after the games, sponsors who are so important to the club’s survival will be shown the high degree of hospitalit­y for which the club is renowned.

And added to all this will be the long-awaited clash between first and second on the under-17s ladder, Mathoura and Deni Rovers.

We all extend our best wishes to our boys for a victory.

Go along and support the club on this special day.

Congratula­tions to local bowls enthusiast Lindsay Vallance.

Lindsay has been awarded Life Membership of the Mathoura Bowling Club.

A long-term secretary of the bowls committee, Lindsay also provides bowls news and results to the local media.

He is also hands-on in the organisati­on and running of various activities within the club.

An announceme­nt of the honour was made at the club’s annual meeting and was warmly welcomed by all in attendance.

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