Deniliquin Pastoral Times



Men’s Basketball

Tune Squad 40 def Young Nephs 36. Tune Squad points: Jake Parsons 9, Mick Everett 6, Shane McGrath 6, Sam Bode 6, Boddie Arthur 5.

Young Nephs points: Staci Richardson 15, Brad Poka 8, Anthony Zielke 8. Best players: Jake Parsons and Mick Everett (Tune Squad) and Staci Richardson and Brad Poka (Young Nephs).

Boomers 55 def IGA Reds 23.

Boomers points: Bobby Hall 25, Blake Shorrock 22, Blake Marchant 6.

IGA Reds points: John Mitchell 6, Derek Byrnes 6.

Best players: Bobby Hall and Blake Shorrock (Boomers) and Derek Byrnes and Chris Hovenden (IGA Reds).

Mixed Netball

Barista’s 33 def Hayley’s Team 18. Best players: Simone Lumbar and Shane McGrath (Baristas) and Hayley Brown and Lara Briggs (Hayley’s


Tune Squad 32 def Silverspoo­ns 18. Best players: Bonnie Everett and Mick Everett (Tune Squad) and Anthony Zielke and Gabby Clarke (Silverspoo­ns).

Gallagher Fencing 42 def Harry Peppers 8.

Best players: Bec White and Hayley Hall (Gallagher Fencing) and Richard Larcombe and Matt Beal (Harry Peppers).

All Stars 22 def Wooden Spooners 20.

Best players: Derek Byrnes and Emma Delmenico (All Stars) and Bradley Chaplin and Brooke Begg (Wooden Spooners).

Ellie’s Team 36 def Young Pups 19. Best players: Lily Harford and Monty Jones (Ellie’s Team) and Dion Winter and Chris Hovenden (Young Pups). Bye — Netbrawler­s.

Ladies Netball

Rovers 48 def Rowdy Pineapples 38. Best players: Simone Lumbar and Sarah Purtill (Rovers) and Tash Davies and Claire Cowley (Rowdy Pineapples).

CWS 47 def Roses Team 28. Best players: Laura Circuitt and Amber Farley (CWS) and Annie Small and Rose Jordan (Rose’s Team).

Half Time Gins 25 def All Stars 21. Best players: Rachel Braybon and Shannon Bulmer (Half Time Gins) and Jane Hillier and Shelby Taggert (All Stars).


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