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Message from Chris Bilkey

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As many of you have experience­d, COVID continues to a΍ect our lives, most dramatical­ly in this region through its impact on our tourism and service sectors.

They have been hard hit, and the options available to businesses to soften the blows have been too little and, in many cases, too late. At Council’s recent Extraordin­ary Meeting, we resolved to allocate resources towards an advocacy initiative to get the “bubble” on the NSW side of the border turned green again. However, in the light of the deteriorat­ing situation in Sydney and elsewhere in NSW, it seems unlikely that Victoria will agree to the change until substantia­l improvemen­t in the NSW numbers can be shown.

We continue to work with Councils along the river (on both sides) to advocate for stronger support for our economies, and to plan for the opening up of both sides of the bubble to Victorian visitors.

Another impact of COVID has been the delay in the timing of Local Government elections in NSW. Originally due in September this year, they have now been put back to December, meaning that this Council has an additional three months to run.

So, for those of you who might be entertaini­ng the idea of becoming a Councillor, this particular cloud has a silver lining. It provides an additional three months to talk it over with family and friends, research what the role involves, and perhaps have a chat with some of the sitting Councillor­s to better understand the role. There is no doubt that a community beneȴts from a robust Council comprising a diverse range of opinions, skills and background­s. It’s a great way to contribute in a real way to the developmen­t of all aspects of the communitie­s in which we live. Give it some serious thought! Cr Chris Bilkey


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