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Young producer’s egg-cellent money maker


He might only be 10, but Blayde Lines is already showing an entreprene­urial style that has seen him turn a hobby into a little business.

The youngster started Cheap Chirps, selling garden produce grown at the family home and fresh eggs as well.

With a table set up at the front of his Butler St home in Deniliquin each Saturday, Blayde gathers the produce from the backyard and sells it to local customers.

And of course this is done with a pet chook, his sidekick, in tow.

The idea to start the business came about when Blayde asked his parents if he could turn the hobby into something more.

‘‘He asked if could he start a business, so we said ‘yes’,’’ dad Nathan said.

The venture has been a chance for the youngster to learn about business, produce and responsibi­lity.

‘‘It’s good to teach them about business from a young age,’’ Nathan said.

‘‘And having the business gives him a chance to interact with more people.’’

As well as manning the Saturday stalls, Blayde does a lot of the dirty work in the garden to grow the produce.

But at the heart of the operation is his close bond with his chickens.

‘‘It’s a beautiful thing. They all run up to him and the attachment he has with them is amazing,’’ Nathan said.

‘‘They love me and I love them,’’ Blayde added.

‘‘Some of my favourite chickens are Blackie, Black Gold, Chubby Cheeks and Lacey,’’ the youngster continued.

Blayde currently tends to 17 chooks, and until a recent sale also cared for a few turkeys.

Despite having so may layers, Blayde said what seemingly used to be an unlimited supply of eggs is now in great demand.

He’s already secured a few regular customers who sign up

for a weekly dozen, or pop by for their choice of fresh veg.

And what does a 10 year-old do with the proceeds of such an enterprise?

Blayde’s saving up for a top

of the range incubator, so he can hatch and breed chicks and turkeys.

It’s a venture he can see himself doing when he ‘‘grows up’’ too.

 ??  ?? ■ Blayde Lines with with one of his favourite chickens, Lacey the silver laced wyandotte.
■ Blayde Lines with with one of his favourite chickens, Lacey the silver laced wyandotte.

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