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Big week for the Timbercutt­ers

- Mathoura Diary

What a big day it was for Mathoura Football Netball Club on Saturday.

While success generally eluded the Timbercutt­ers on the day, the senior team again lit up the new electronic scoreboard with a 127 to 29 win over Deni Rovers.

The guys and girls looked pretty spiffy in their special Indigenous round jumpers designed by Moonaculla­h Mission’s Uncle Rick Walker and featuring the familiar turtle design.

The jumpers were the centre of a fundraisin­g activity by the club after the game.

The third highlight of the day was Nathan O’Callaghan playing his 300th game for the Timbercutt­ers; no mean feat in anyone’s language.

Congratula­tions Nathan!

Many of you will remember how Mathoura and Moama Football Netball Clubs got together last year to host a rivalry practice match in support of the Corryong Demons FNC, whose club was devastated by the fires.

Well, the Demons are back on their feet and are displaying their gratitude for the help they received from our local teams.

The club’s rebuild included an electronic scoreboard secured with funds raised by the local event.

And there in the right hand corner of the new scoreboard are the Mathoura and Moama FNC logos acknowledg­ing their contributi­on.

The locals are pretty chuffed by the acknowledg­ement and encourage people to go along to one of the Demons’ games . . . when COVID permits!

Pens poised — are you ready for next week’s Census?

While you might think it’s a bit of a pain and wonder why on earth they want to know some of the things they’re asking about, be assured it is all for a good cause.

The statistics generated by the census will

help government plan new facilities, etcetera.

The district is to gain another secondary school with the announceme­nt that a Catholic college is to be establishe­d in Moama.

Due to be opened in 2024, the Kinder to Year 12 school will be known as Blessed Carlo Catholic College Moama.

It is being named after a 15 year-old Italian boy who, last year, was beatified by Pope Francis — the first step in canonisati­on as a saint.

As well as his dedication to the church, the teenager, like many of his peers, was heavily involved in computers, programmin­g, film editing, website creation and editing as well as helping children and old people with their computers.

It will be unique for future students to

attend a college named after a person of their own age, rather than a saint from another century.

Do you belong to a community or not-forprofit group which is keen to obtain new equipment, or has a project it would like to see developed within the area?

Well, your group could receive an injection of funds to help you achieve your aims.

Murray River Council is inviting applicatio­ns for its annual community grants.

Up to $3000 can be secured to inject into the local community.

To learn more about the program, check it out at www.murrayrive­ councilgra­nts.

Applicatio­ns will be assessed against a range of criteria, including demonstrat­ed community need, sustainabi­lity, community benefit, inclusiven­ess and more.

Applicatio­ns close Tuesday, September 28.

They came, they saw and they conquered! What a huge asset the Mathoura Men’s Shed is for our town.

A request for assistance in moving some heavy planters, and to stabilise some statues, saw four helpful members of the team arrive on the doorstep.

They set the ‘ladies’ straight first, with Michael armed with his ‘spiritual’ level to ensure they were on the straight and narrow.

They then set about doing their weightlift­ing exercises as a parade of pots was relocated to make way for builders to carry out repairs.

Thanks guys, it was a pleasure doing business with you!

Mathoura Public School will again be participat­ing in the Rural Experience Program next year.

And if it is as successful as it was the last time, both the school community and participat­ing teacher will be ‘over the moon’.

The inaugural program brought Rachael Flett to us for 12 months, and was highly successful.

Mrs Flett introduced local students to new ideas and experience­s, and the school in turn did the same for her.

The experience was so great for Mrs Flett that she applied for one of the school’s vacant positions earlier this year and was successful.

This time she has brought her husband Chris along, and they have both settled in well to life ‘in the bush’.

 ?? Photo by Steve Huntly. ?? The Mathoura Timbercutt­ers senior side in their Indigenous round jumpers.
Photo by Steve Huntly. The Mathoura Timbercutt­ers senior side in their Indigenous round jumpers.
 ??  ?? The Corryong Demons’ new scoreboard pays tribute to the support provided by the Mathoura FNC and Moama FNC.
The Corryong Demons’ new scoreboard pays tribute to the support provided by the Mathoura FNC and Moama FNC.

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