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Rovers in Rennie


The Deniliquin Rovers will play their last game of the Picola and District Football League season at Rennie tomorrow.

The round 16 match will see the Roos (13th) face off against the Hoppers (14th).

In round 15 the Rovers started strongly against Mathoura, but the Timbercutt­ers got the best of the Roos by half time and kicked away for a 98 point win.

Playing coach Alex Hay has been working with the seniors on a new strategy to play to the team’s talents, but said the final week may see the Rovers play with the line up to test their players in a variety of positions.

Rennie had a similarly difficult week against Katandra at their home match on Saturday; the Hoppers walked off the ground 54 points behind.

Rovers president John Glowrey said his club was ‘‘extremely pleased’’ to see games resume last week allowing football and netball teams to finish off their season.

‘‘There will be some great games this weekend on both the field and the courts, with teams trying to get in or stay in finals contention,’’ he said.

He added the senior football squad has ‘‘put in solid efforts’’ at training to round out the season.

While the Rovers find their strength in midfield contests, Rennie’s goal kickers had some sharp scorers in Khristophe­r Willett (3), Marc Lonergan (2), and Chase Strawhorn (2) against the Kats at the weekend.

Hay was back on the ground after an injury took him out for a few rounds, while James Gilligan, Andy May, Thomas Chandler and Adam Bodey were in their usual good form.

Ryan Murphy, James Kirby, Tim McDonnell, and Hay had success finding the sticks, providing hope a full side can finish the season with a win against the green and white.

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