Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Croquet results:


Twenty-five members participat­ed in play on Sunday.

There were three, three game winners. Brad Fawns was declared first on a countback and Darren McLoughlin and Bobby Murphy filled the minor placings.

There were six, two game achievers with high hoop scores including Gwen Pearn, Barb Bull and Marg Telford each with a hoop score of 20.

Judy Barry had a hoop score of 19. Doreen Peterson and Tony Bull each had a hoop score of 18.

There were four jump shots on the day including Darren McLoughlin with two and Marg Telford and Doreen Peterson with one each.

Seventeen players braved the cold windy day on Wednesday.

The three game winners were Andy Davis and Darren McLoughlin, with Andy Davis declared the winner on a countback.

The two game achievers with a high hoop score included Peter Whittakers with a score of 20 hoops and John James with a score of 19.

There were five jump shots for the afternoon with Andy Davis and John James with two each and Ray Moye with one.

Graham Bradford achieved a hoop-in-one shot.

The Challen Cup round will be played this Sunday.

This is a singles tournament. Arrive at 10am for a 10.30am start and bring your lunch.

A doubles court will be available for non Challen Cup players.

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