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Junior soccer results:


There are now only three weeks to go until finals and with some upset results on Saturday, each grade’s top two are still up for grabs.

With hard work and determinat­ion across all grades, the players are definitely aware and hungry for a finals berth. Results:

A Grade

Mariners showed heart in defence despite the height difference of some of the player match ups.

United 2 d Mariners 0. Best – Caitlyn Saunders, Sarah Duffey. Sportsman – Kirsten Yuan, Hadrian Counsell

Victory 4 d Heart 2. Best – Jess Dover, Treh Salan. Sportsman – Mark Busby, Ano Maunganidz­e.

B Grade

Miles Allitt’s goal keeping skills were on display in a very close match between the undefeated Glory and United teams. An upset win from Roar against Victory keeps them in the running for a finals spot.

Mariners 5 d Heart 2. Best – Charli Brain, Emma Whettenhal­l. Sportsman – Will McNeil, Ollie Dellwo

United 3 drew Glory 3. Best – Finn Bult, Neveah Salan. Sportsman – Arielle Kang, George Marshall.

Roar 6 d Victory 1. Best – Eden Bult, Daniel Burn. Sportsman – Ahmed Labib. C Grade

United 3 d Glory 0. Best – Sophie Bulmer, Cameron Smith. Sportsman – Lennix Leetham, Azayleah Salan.

Mariners 1 drew Heart 1. Best – Priya Caniglia, Bailey Busby. Sportsman – Chase Hurst, Archie Tobin.

Roar 3 d Victory 1. Best – Ahmed Labib, Angie Maunganidz­e. Sportsman – Emilia Thompson, Nate Sutton.

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