Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Deniliquin stadium results:


Another week of sporting action was had at the Deniliquin Stadium.


Mixed Netball

Harry Peppers 38 def All Stars 18. Best Players: Prue Meharry and Scott Tritton (Harry Peppers) and Derek Byrnes and BJ Davis (All Stars).

Gallagher Fencing 41 def Hayley’s Team 15.

Best Players: Bec White and Josh Perizzolo (Gallagher Fencing) and Jordan Purtill and Daniel Briggs (Hayley’s Team). Netbrawler­s 29 def Young Pups 11. Best Players: John Allitt and Kate Murphy (Netbrawler­s) and Lachlan Holloway and Chelsie King (Young Pups).

Tune Squad 40 def Ellie’s Team 25. Best Players: Mick Everett and Catie Lewis (Tune Squad) and Lily Harford and Ellie Marshall (Ellie’s Team). Baristas 35 def Silverspoo­ns 23.

Best Players: Simone Lumbar and Felicia Russell (Baristas) and Yazmin Johnson and Gabby Clarke (Silverspoo­ns).

Bye – Wooden Spooners.

Ladies Netball

Rowdy Pineapples 46 def HAWYEA 22. Best Players: Sandra Braham and Claire Cowley (Rowdy Pineapples) and Hayley

Brown and Ellie Caruso (HAWYEA). Half Time Gins 28 def Rovers 26. Best Players: Shannon Bulmer and Rachel Braybon (Half Time Gins) and Simone Lumbar and Sarah Purtill (Rovers).

Bye – CWS.

Men’s Basketball

Young Nephs 52 def Boomers 30. Young Nephs points: Brad Poka 22, Daniel Briggs 6, Keanu Sutton 6, Todd Thocolich 5.

Boomers points: Blake Shorrock 18, Blake Marchant 8.

Best Players: Brad Poka and Anthony Zielke (Young Nephs) and Blake Shorrock and Blake Marchant (Boomers).

Tune Squad 45 def Rams 31.

Tune Squad points: Bobby Hall 13, Mick Everett 9, Jake Parsons 9, Kaileb Wilson 5, Bruce Maunganidz­e 5.

Rams points: Anthony Bull 14, Terry Lumbar 10.

Best Players: Mick Everett and Jake Parsons (Tune Squad) and Anthony Bull and Shannon Williams (Rams).

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