Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Badminton results:


Smashers have dominated the Deniliquin Winter Badminton Competitio­n, finishing the season proper on Monday evening with 45 points to top the ladder.

They finished well clear of second placed Badminator­s on 28, with Racqueteer­s third also with 28 points.

Shuttle Masters will also play finals from next week, finishing fourth on the ladder with 23.

Hotshots, who after five rounds scored 15 points, have been eliminated from the competitio­n.

Smashers will meet Racqueteer­s in this

Monday’s semi-final, and Badminator­s will meet Shuttle Masters.

The winners of these games will go headto-head in the August 16 grand final.

In round five played Monday at the Deniliquin Sports & Entertainm­ent Stadium, Badminator­s took the lead against Hotshots and won with a score of 333 to 318.

Three game winners for Badminator­s were Scott Fullerton and Ramesh Shrestha.

In the second match, Racqueteer­s defeated Shuttle Masters with a score of 336 to 303.

Three game winners for Racqueteer­s were Khobien Thomson and Parker Milward.

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