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Fodder for the future

a range of fodder species has been launched.


Riverine Plains is partnering with Murray Dairy to deliver the Fodder for the Future project. The project is a $1.6 million investment over three years, funded by the Federal Department of Agricultur­e, Water and the Environmen­t’s Murray-Darling Basin Economic Developmen­t Program, designed to assist agricultur­al communitie­s adapt to a water-limited future.

“With less water available for pasture production in dairy systems, the use of silage and hay has become an increasing­ly important aspect of dairying across the

“There is a science to making good quality hay and silage, and a really important part of the project is helping build the skills and knowledge of dairy, hay and grain farmers to increase both the quality and yield of fodder produced on-farm.”

To this end, six demonstrat­ion trials have been establishe­d across the Murray region of northern Victoria and southern NSW to look at the performanc­e of a range of fodder types, including wheat, barley, oats, triticale and vetch.

“One of these sites has been sown by Riverine Plains at Boorhaman in northeast Victoria, with the trial evaluating an oats/vetch mix sown at two different sowing rates and dates,” Ms McInnes said.

“Results from the Boorhaman demonstrat­ion, along with results from the other demonstrat­ion sites, will provide farmers and service providers with an opportunit­y to look at the performanc­e of different fodder species under a range of climatic and market conditions.”

Establishi­ng long-term relationsh­ips between dairy and fodder producers to business management is another key part of the project. together to produce higher yields of good quality fodder in the local region, and we look forward to helping farmers achieve this as the project progresses,” Ms McInnes said.

Riverine Plains will host a Field Day as part of the

COVID permitting. Further details will be available from

closer to the date.

Murray Dairy Fodder for the Future delivery partners include Riverine Plains, Agricultur­e Victoria, Birchip Cropping Group, Irrigated Cropping Council, University of Melbourne and Southern Growers.

For further informatio­n, or to learn how to become involved, please contact Ms McInnes on (03) 5744 1713 or email

project on August


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