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Local, fresh and tasty

the birth of Victoria Nielson’s food venture.


Honey & Hen brings together Victoria’s wealth of culinary experience and exposure to foreign countries and cuisines, and showcases local produce at the same time.

The aim is to provide fresh, tasty food with a focus on simplicity, and that means using as much local produce as she can.

“Honey & Hen means sweet and savoury — classy, clean cooking. and not just one type of food group.

“We stand out from other food trailers because it is really a café on wheels. “We try to source sustainabl­e, seasonal and local ingredient­s and everything on the menu is made from scratch.

“We use seasonal fruit and vegetables from small locals farms.”

“Our menu consists of a range of small plates.

“The star from the beginning has been the gin and tonic scallops - three large scallops with the roe on, fried in my tonic tempura, on local greens and drizzled with a gin reduction.

“The tacos are the second best seller. They are homemade corn shell tacos, fresh lime salsa, famous green sauce and a different protein each week. “Sweets are my passion and I will be adding a couple to the menu soon enough.” salts and sugars that are sold at cafes and businesses.

“My artisan bread is made from an eight year-old sourdough culture. I make to order and it is stone baked.

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The Echuca raised businesswo­man says it’s no surprise she gravitated toward creativity and food given her mother Linda was a “big foodie” and her father Peter is a chef. After years travelling to learn new techniques and working in bakeries, Victoria made the leap last year to start the business. And being on wheels means she can work from anywhere she’s able to drive to. hold so I started looking at my own business,” said Ms Nielson.

“I wanted to be able to showcase the skills I had learnt, be versatile to go where the customers are, and travel and be independen­t instead of paying rent on a shop front.”


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