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Can we really trust God?

- ~ Contribute­d by Bruce Driver from the Uniting Church on behalf of the Deniliquin Combined Churches.

Psalm 34:8 – ‘‘Taste and see that the Lord is good.’’ Most people, it would seem, have formed some concept in their mind of who God is; even if it is only to form an image which they can dismiss as being irrelevant to their lives.

The one thing which seems to be common to all the differing views of how people describe their understand­ing of ‘God’, is the expression that ‘‘God is good’’.

It is probably not so surprising to hear this understand­ing of God expressed, particular­ly if we consider that it is one of the most recurring themes expressed in the Bible, which describe people’s experience of God.

It may be more surprising that, while God’s goodness is so widely spoken of, it seems rare that God’s goodness is actually trusted.

Could it be that we don’t actually believe that God will be as good as His promise?

The problem with mistrust goes right back to the Garden of Eden in Genesis.

Satan, as the serpent, put doubt into the mind of Eve as to whether God really had her best interests at heart, or whether she would be missing out on something if she trusted God completely.

Many generation­s of people have since missed out on experienci­ng God’s goodness by believing the lie that God cannot be fully trusted.

Fortunatel­y, millions of others have also experience­d God’s goodness by trusting in God’s ultimate promise, answered through His Son Jesus, and can testify that their trust has been honoured.

‘‘Taste and see that the Lord is good.’’

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