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Cryptocurr­ency scam


A Mathoura woman has been scammed twice in relation to a cryptocurr­ency investment scheme.

Police said the woman originally received a phone call in March this year inviting her to invest in cryptocurr­ency.

On accepting the offer, she followed the caller’s instructio­ns to download software to her computer which allowed the caller access. She also transferre­d money for the investment itself.

After some time, the woman received a call from someone claiming to be from a law firm who told her the investment firm had gone under.

As the caller was able to provide some of her personal details, she thought them to be credible and transferre­d money to the law firm to act on her behalf.

After a call from a third company requesting a money transfer, the woman became suspicious and reported it to police.

Deniliquin Police Senior Constable Peter Joice said cryptocurr­ency scams are becoming more common.

He said it is a timely reminder to question any unsolicite­d phone calls, especially those asking you to invest.

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