Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Variety in the classroom


Stage 3 students at Deniliquin Christian School had the chance to explore Japanese culture from within their classroom last week.

In an extension of their geography studies about Asian countries and cultures, the students had a Japanese themed day with various activities.

They were also lucky enough to be visited by local pianist Tomoko Niwa, who shared with them what school and life in Japan is like.

Tomoko also showed the students some Japanese dresses known as kimonos, which they were able to try on, and how to make an origami paper crane.

And to end the day, the class made some delicious sushi.

A big thanks was given to Tomoko for lending her time and knowledge.

On the other end of the spectrum, Stage 5 children got stuck into some real science.

The senior students are currently learning about anatomy and the inside of the body.

The class was led by teacher Helen Arundell through a dissection of a cow’s heart and a sheep’s brain. The activity was certainly not for the faint of heart.

 ??  ?? ■ Adam Bryar and teacher Helen Arundell.
■ Adam Bryar and teacher Helen Arundell.
 ??  ?? ■ Peter Everingham.
■ Peter Everingham.
 ??  ?? ■ Sarah-Jane Nolan.
■ Sarah-Jane Nolan.
 ??  ?? ■ Ally Smith.
■ Ally Smith.

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