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Ag Trends is back


The Ag Trends ‘21 forum will offer farmers a chance to learn about the latest trends and technologi­es in agricultur­e while offering the community a chance to network.

The event will be held at the Jeraly Shearing Shed, Moulamein — the first event Jeraly will hold since its recent refurbishm­ent.

The forum, organised by Western Murray Land Improvemen­t Group, will go ahead on August 25 with some adjustment­s to suit changes to COVID-19. Day 1 will continue with a full day of lecturers from industry leaders and experts, while the Day 2 workshop has been postponed until further notice.

The theme this year is ‘‘emerging trends and opportunit­ies in agricultur­e’’.

Media, Marketing & Brand Developmen­t Officer for WMLIG Leona Chan said the program was based on ‘‘areas of local interest’’ of farmers who attended previous workshops.

The ‘‘relevant and inspiring’’ keynote speakers include Professor David Hughes, Mara Seeds’ Stuart Larsson, Australian Plant Protein’s Brendan McKeegan and Wide Open Opportunit­ies’ Ben Cole and Stuart McAlpine.

The speakers will cater to a range of agricultur­al enterprise­s, including mixed production farms.

Professor Hughes is an expert in global food trends and their influences on Australian consumer behaviour and export markets.

Mr McKeegan will continue this thread in the niche market of plant proteins and discuss how farmers can ‘‘tap into’’ consumer interest in them.

Mr Larsson will discuss his family’s use of bio char, industrial hemp and compost ‘‘to improve farm productivi­ty and yields’’ which the Larssons have successful­ly done on their farms.

Ms Chan said demand for new technologi­es was especially prevalent among young farmers.

‘‘I would encourage peo- ple to come along to give them inspiratio­n and ideas about different things they could be doing,’’ Ms Chan said.

Ben Cole and Stuart McAlpine representi­ng Wide Open Agricultur­e will teach about ‘‘the way we grow, think about, and buy food to create a better future for people and the planet’’.

Ms Chan said the event would be worthwhile regardless of whether farmers adopt entirely new systems or just take away ‘‘a couple of new ideas’’.

Catering will centre around locally-grown food to highlight producers in the area, while post-forum drinks will be served to allow guests to network and reconnect since COVID-19 restrictio­ns caused disruption­s to former events.

‘‘We haven’t been able to hold a lot of events for local farming, so it’s great that the community can come together and have a drink and talk about these concepts,’’ Ms Chan said.

WMLIG thanked Regionalit­y for facilitati­ng the event, along with funding partners Murray River Council and the Australian Government under the Murray-Darling Basin Economic Developmen­t Program.

 ??  ?? A guest at the Ag Trends ‘20 forum.
A guest at the Ag Trends ‘20 forum.

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