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Wanderers will wait


The Deniliquin Wanderers’ wait to get back on the field has been extended again, with this weekend’s clash unable to go ahead.

The team was scheduled to play West Griffith this weekend, away at Yellow Tail Park.

However with the Wanderers are unable to go outside the border bubble, and Wests were unwilling to travel to Deniliquin, so the game is at a standstill.

The same rules have disrupted play over the last few weeks, and Wanderers coach Josh Perizzolo said it’s unclear what impact it will have on finals.

‘‘We’re all in limbo at the moment,’’ he said.

‘‘We're still not certain what finals look like or if they will happen at all.’’

Perizzolo says the team will do what they can and hope for a better flow of season next year.


‘‘It’s been hard to keep working on things when we aren’t playing consistent­ly as a team.

‘‘A few of the boys have been participat­ing in Deniliquin Parkrun though, and also doing a bit outside of regular training.

‘‘Our future prospects are good, with plenty of young players showing interest at training and the club in a great position financiall­y and with numbers.

‘‘We have been very fortunate sponsorshi­p following a non-season year so we have been able to play.

‘‘We have proven ourselves to be competitiv­e this season and we are very much looking forward to when sport resumes back to ‘normal’.

‘‘We are continuing to improve year on year, and in 2022 we expect further developmen­t of the squad and some added depth.’’ with last

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