Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Art can be decorative, as well as educationa­l


The final touches are being made on an art project that has been two years in the making.

Edward River Art Society is creating four 2.4m x 1.2m mural panels depicting the seasons, to be displayed at the Deniliquin Children’s Centre.

On the reverse side of the murals will be silhouette paintings of birds, which will face the Deniliquin Lagoon Walk.

The murals complement others completed by ERAS members on a storage container and other shedding at the centre in November last year.

The mural concept has several intended outcomes, according to artist Jan Harris.

As well as brightenin­g up the outdoor play space at the centre, the murals incorporat­e learning elements like counting. It has also been a learning experience for artists.

‘‘My training was in early education, so I came up with the designs with those educationa­l elements in mind. The final concepts were fine tuned with input from other members.

‘‘These murals are not only about what the kids get out of it, but also the artists.

‘‘We’ve come up with a list of subjects we can explore further as a group, including illusion of texture, perspectiv­e and proportion, colour placement, brush techniques and illusion of 3D.’’

Mrs Harris said grant funding for the mural project was secured more than two years ago.

But with the group unable to meet or participat­e in community activities last year, an extension was granted to October this year.

As a result, Mrs Harris said the project is different than first anticipate­d.

‘‘The original intention of the grant included bringing an artist to Deniliquin to conduct a workshop on mural painting, so we’ve had to do a lot of the research about materials and paints to use ourselves.’’

 ??  ?? ■ Jan Harris, Leonie Chadderton, Jenny Rourke and Pat Seignior work on the ‘summer’ mural panel.
■ Jan Harris, Leonie Chadderton, Jenny Rourke and Pat Seignior work on the ‘summer’ mural panel.

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