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Almost a normal Saturday

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It started off as a cheery weekend here in town.

The sun graced us with its presence, giving us a nice warm start to Saturday.

Sporting teams were relieved to back on the pitch, with many junior and senior games back in action.

And spectators could ditch their parkers and jackets, and enjoy the winter weather break.

Local community activities like the Naponda Markets were on, as well as people out and about at local playground­s making the most of it.

The Rams’ oval was also a busy spot, with the club hosting a premiershi­p reunion and special sponsors day.

Luckily, most sports and activities were starting to wind down by the afternoon, when news of a looming lockdown and sudden curfew came into place.

Those living across the border and visitors to town had to quickly make plans to vacate so they could make it home in time.

Last minute dash

As news broke of an imminent lockdown for all of NSW, it came as no surprise that the shops were soon to be quite crowded with people.

‘Panic buying’ set in, and although lines weren’t out the door like we have seen in metro areas it was certainly more crowded than usual.

Retailers are reminding locals that there is no need to stock up and go overboard buying everyday supplies, with plenty to go around for everybody.

Of course essential shopping is still allowed during the lockdown period.

Just wondering?

Now, we wouldn’t for a minute suggest that the NSW Government is not being fully transparen­t with regional communitie­s over the lockdown.

However, it seems strange that local teachers were advised on Friday to be prepared for home schooling at the same time as the official government line was that it was not considerin­g a state-wide lockdown.

While we support the efforts to keep COVID under control, we also think a bit more honesty from the government would not go astray.

And, like many, we question why there cannot be a ‘border bubble’ that is exempt from the lockdown, considerin­g the excellent job we have all done to keep our community COVID free.

Power pause

South-east Deniliquin residents lost power about 12.20pm on Saturday, after an unexpected outage.

There were 1164 customers impacted — including shops in the Deniliquin CBD and Deniliquin Plaza on Hardinge St.

In other areas of Deniliquin, a number of households reported a flickering of the lights but no prolonged outage.

Power was restored to some affected customers almost an hour later, at 1.15pm, with power fully restored about 3pm.

Essential Energy operations manager Ian Armstrong said the the electricit­y network switched itself off after detecting a problem.

“A patrol of the electricit­y network identified that a crow had contacted high voltage equipment on the corner of Sloane and Crispe Streets, Deniliquin,’’ he confirmed.

Veterans’ Day

Tomorrow is Vietnam Veterans’ Day.

It is commemorat­ed on August 18 every year and was originally known as Long Tan Day, chosen to commemorat­e the men of D Company, 6RAR who fought in the Battle of Long Tan in 1966.

On that day, 108 Australian and New Zealand soldiers fought a pitched battle against more than 2000 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong troops in a rubber plantation not far from the small village of Long Tan.

The Australian­s prevailed, but only after fighting in torrential rain for four hours.

The Deniliquin RSL Subbranch had planned to host a commemorat­ive ceremony in the Waring Garden tomorrow, which has now been cancelled because of the NSW COVID-19 lockdown.

Raise your voice

Students from Edward Public School were treated to a special activity on Friday.

A group of students took part in a virtual excursion through Zoom, with The Voice season two winner Harrison Craig.

The educationa­l and entertaini­ng call was a chance for Harrison to teach the youngsters about singing, as well as anti-bullying by sharing his own story.

Harrison struck a chord with many viewers of The Voice, showing his ability to overcome his stutter and amaze with his beautiful voice.

He outlines his experience­s in a children’s book, called Harrison’s Song, which students enjoyed reading with him during the session.

 ??  ?? ■ Peter and Kathy Kirk out with their dog enjoying the sunshine at Parkrun.
■ Peter and Kathy Kirk out with their dog enjoying the sunshine at Parkrun.

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