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Roxie already top dog

- By CHELSEA PHIPPS www.cobberchal­

The Cobber Challenge has just kicked off for Wanganella station hand Brad Dunlop and his dog Roxie.

The challenge showcases some of the most hard-working farm dogs across Australia and New Zealand, following their performanc­e over three weeks.

The competing dogs are tracked for their speed, distance and duration through a GPS collar.

Brad and the three year-old kelpie from North Run Pastoral Co are among 12 in the challenge.

And after day one, Roxie is already proving to be a top contender.

‘‘Roxie is sitting on the top of the leaderboar­d at the moment,’’ Brad said.

It was hard yakka to get to that position, with almost a whopping seven hours, 70km in distance clocked up in one day by Roxie.

‘‘Yesterday we did a lot of mustering,’’ Brad said.

‘‘We did pretty good, it was big day. ‘‘We got the highest distance and duration.’’

The 20,000 hectare property is currently preparing for its shearing season which will help their activity, says Brad.

‘‘This involves mustering the sheep, bringing them in and processing them, shearing them and putting them back,’’ he said.

And combined with Roxie’s tenacity, it means there could be have a good chance of winning.

‘‘With the size of the property and being the busiest time of the year, we’ve got a good shot,’’ Brad said.

‘‘We were surprised with the result. ‘‘She’s (Roxie) got little legs but doesn’t stop. She’s a smart and hard worker.’’

And as for Roxie’s reaction, well it’s just another day of farm life.

‘‘She loves it,’’ Brad said.

‘‘If you give her a day off, she goes mental.’’

And Roxie will be sure to be impressed if she does secure the title, with the winning dog receiving a year’s supply of dog food.

You can keep up to date with the competitio­n and Roxie’s progress at


 ??  ?? Brad Dunlop with dog Roxie testing out her new collar for the challenge.
Brad Dunlop with dog Roxie testing out her new collar for the challenge.

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