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Sheep sale:


It was a bigger yarding at the Deniliquin sheep sale on Tuesday, as the first major drafts of new season lambs were penned.

Quality was good to very good for these early drop lambs, without being outstandin­g like they often are from this area.

These young lambs did draw in more domestic buyer competitio­n with all the major companies attending.

Prices were dearer, matching the uptick in rates the industry has seen in the past week.

The selection of old season lambs was very mixed and often in smaller pens which affected outcomes at times.

Any old season lambs with weight and finish received solid support from buyers.

The focus of the sale was new season lambs, with the heavier 24kg to 26kg carcase weight trade weights selling from $255 to a top of $275/head.

Nicely weighted domestic young lambs in the 22kg to 24kg carcase weight range received the best support to record the highest average of the market at nearly 1000c/kg carcase weight.

The bulk of the young lambs were estimated as costing processors from 950c to 1000c/kg carcase weight, with buyers working on skin returns of $9 to $10/head on the lead runs.

Some small pens of extra heavy old lambs sold to $299, with most of the better finished heavy lambs making from $230 to $265/head.

Competitio­n for light weight old lambs was selective around breed and type.

Heavy and trade weight sheep were cheaper, again in line with more recent market trends.

Values for the few light sheep held steady. Top prices:

New season lambs – Holden Pastoral, $274; M & J Dunmore, $274; F, A, N & S Morona, $263.

Old lambs – L Whyborn, $299 Wandook Pastoral, $290 F, A, N & S Morona, $290.

Hoggets – T & K Gordon, $228; M Wallace, $190; Tchelery Pastoral Company, $165.

Sheep – F, A, N & S Morona, $248; L Whyborn, $222; Australian Food & Agricultur­e, $176.

Rams – Australian Food & Agricultur­e, $200.

~ Details provided by Meat and Livestock Australia and Elders Rural Services Deniliquin, on behalf of the Deniliquin Associated Agents.

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