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426-goal season


What was supposed to be the second last week of the regular season of junior soccer ended up being the last.

Mixed results from the weekend with the ladders now fixed in place for the finals.

This season the stats show 462 goals scored from 88 matches.

We’d like to thank all the volunteers again for their time and effort throughout the season in these trying times.

Unfortunat­ely, due to lockdown this weekend’s games have been cancelled and the finals delayed until we come out of lockdown.

If we can play the finals before September 25 the matches will go ahead. If not, we’ll declare the winners of each grade to be the team that finished top of the ladder.

Watch this space and let’s cross our fingers that we can have a finals play off.

Results A Grade

The closet game of the season between Mariners and Heart was a great end to the regular season, while Victory was as strong as ever against United.

Heart 1 def Mariners 0.

Best –Treh Salan and Issiah Ledwidge. Sportsman – Kacey Ralph and Tanaka Maunganidz­e.

Victory 5 def United 0.

Best – Mark Busby and Micah Jansen. Sportsman – Jess Dover and Caitlyn Saunders.

B Grade

Glory finished off in great form remaining undefeated for the entire season.

Harry Nolan from United has been practising with a marvellous header, while Roar and Heart showed some great teamwork and passing skills.

Glory 6 def Victory 1.

Best – George Marshall and Daniel Burn. Sportsman – Lucas Thompson and Jordyn Brain.

United 6 def Mariners 2.

Best – Harry Nolan and Vivienne Thomson.

Sportsman – Arielle Yeji and Isaac Tubb. Heart 4 def Roar 2.

Best – Angus Dellwo and Travis Hanns. Sportsman – Declan Thomson and Logan Pasco.

C Grade

Victory have come a long way this season and had a dominant performanc­e over Glory.

However, Glory didn’t give up until the end — great sportsmans­hip.

Victory 9 def Glory 2.

Best – Ahmed Labib and Azayleah Salan. Sportsman – Jasper Dellwo and Troy Pattinson.

Roar 1 drew Heart 1.

Best – Angie Maunganidz­e and Bailey Busby.

Sportsman – Myla Parker and River Jones Clark.

United 6 def Mariners 1.

Best – Lenny Parker and Will Reid. Sportsman – Levi Robson and Levi Norris.

Finals Date TBC 9:30

A Grade Runner Up 3-4 United v Mariners (Centre Ground)

B Grade Final 1-2 Glory v Mariners (field 1)

B Grade Runner Up 3-4 United v Roar (field 2)

B Grade Runner Up 5-6 Heart v Victory (field 3)


A Grad Final 1-2 Victory v Heart (Centre Ground)

C Grade Final 1-2 Victory v Mariners (field 1)

C Grade Runner Up 3-4 United v Heart (field 2)

C Grade Runner Up 5-6 Roar v Glory (field 3)

Kangas and Joeys as per usual

11:30 — Presentati­on of medals

 ??  ?? Sportsman award recipient Caitlyn Saunders runs out in front for the ball.
Sportsman award recipient Caitlyn Saunders runs out in front for the ball.
 ??  ?? ■ Jess Dover makes strides down the pitch.
■ Jess Dover makes strides down the pitch.

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