Deniliquin Pastoral Times

A place in dance history


Deniliquin was remembered as the ‘‘first town to host a Blue Light Disco’’ in NSW on ‘We grew up in Australia in the 70s & 80s’ Facebook group on Saturday.

The discos, which originated in Victoria in 1976 according to the Blue Light organisati­on, were held in the Southern Highlands of Victoria before being adopted for a night in Deniliquin.

The aim of the program was to build youth-police relationsh­ips, the organisati­on’s site says.

Got any photos of your Blue Light days? We’d love to see them.

Send them to and let us know when and where it was taken.

Been to Shepparton?

Authoritie­s are urging those who have travelled to Shepparton recently to check whether they have visited an exposure site.

Concerns were raised when sewage surveillan­ce detected traces of COVID-19 from August 9, before positive cases in the community were detected last week.

Cases have since climbed to more than 20.

Hillston and Lake Cargelligo have also been added to the watch list, with testing ramping up in those communitie­s over the weekend.

Murrumbidg­ee Primary Health Network is encouragin­g anyone who has been in Lake Cargelligo, Hillston or Shepparton over the past two weeks or is experienci­ng any COVID-19 symptoms including cough, fever, sore throat or shortness of breath to get tested as soon as possible.

To check exposure sites, visit: https://www.coronaviru­

More time for testing

As the Delta strain of COVID-19 continues to make its way around the country — and getting as close as Shepparton — testing efforts in local areas are ramping up.

There is an an increase in COVID-testing hours at the Murrumbidg­ee Local Health District drive-up clinic in Deniliquin.

This clinic will be open every day from Monday to Saturday from 9am to midday.

To attend you are required to call 1800 831 099 and register.

Please remain in your vehicle once you get there until staff directs otherwise

Entry into the drive through is past Ochre Health, behind the police station, with exit being at the Navorina end.

Swooping season

It seems that magpies are starting their usual tricks as spring rolls near.

Residents have begun to report incidents of being swooped, when passing by magpies and their nests.

And despite wanting to leg it when swooped by a magpie, the advice is to keep calm and walk quickly away rather than running waving your arms or stick around, which will only further irritate the bird.

It also pays to get familiar and friendly with your local nesters, as magpies are said to recognise faces, and won’t swoop if they don’t see you as a risk.

A big clutch

Another indicator that spring is near is the appearance of ducklings in the Waring Gardens.

First spotted by a Talkback correspond­ent on Friday afternoon, two of the resident ducks have quite a large clutch following around after them.

While they might not seem as menacing as the magpie, which could swoop without warning, don’t be fooled by the apparent timid nature of these ducks.

When they have young, they can become quite protective — and nasty.

It is best to steer clear of the families of ducks, lest face embarrassm­ent or injury.

Then came the rain

What a lovely weekend of spring weather we had.

The sun was out, the temperatur­e had risen enough that you could leave your windows and doors open and take advantage of the light breeze.

Saturday was a sunny 19.8°C and Sunday was even nicer with a top of 24.1°C. And then the rains came. At the time of going to print yesterday, 5.6mm of rain had been recorded at the Bureau of Meteorolog­y’s Deniliquin Airpirt weather station.

Rain is not predicted again until at least Sunday according to the seven day forecast, with mostly sunny days with tops of between 14°C and 18°C expected this week.

Forum deferred

The Ag Trends forum which was scheduled to be held in Moulamein tomorrow has been postponed until further notice.

The forum, which is organised by Western Murray Land Improvemen­t Group, invites guest speakers to lecture on emerging technologi­es and opportunit­ies in agricultur­e.

The keynote speakers this year include Professor David Hughes, Stuart Larsson (Mara Seeds), Brendan McKeegan (Australian Plant Protein), Ben Cole and Stuart McAlpine (Wide Open Opportunit­ies).

Day one would see lecturers speak on their expertise and allow farmers the chance to network while day two was reserved for a workshop.

Sign up for Sleepout

It’s gone virtual, and there’s still time for you to register to take part in the Vinnies Community Sleepout taking place this Friday.

Deniliquin is one of 11 NSW communitie­s taking part, with participan­ts encouraged to spend a night in their cars, couches and backyards, and join online to learn more about homelessne­ss and hardship occurring in NSW

All funds raised from the event will go towards local Vinnies Services and conference work to assist people experienci­ng hardship with food, clothing, financial aid, educationa­l programs and other vital support.

You can sign up or donate by visiting //­leepout-deniliquin-2021.

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