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Library gets facelift

The historic building housing Echuca library is to have its exterior restored.

With Campaspe Shire Council on Wednesday night approving a tender to build a new library, it also recognised the historic significan­ce of the existing library building, once Echuca’s town hall and court house. However, rather than repaint it, council hopes to restore the exterior to its original brick fac¸ ade.

It agreed to apply to Victoria’s Heritage Places and Objects Grants program for funding to restore the building, subject to its suitabilit­y to have the existing paint stripped by chemicals.

Hanoi in Shepparton

At long last, Shepparton has been graced with its first Vietnamese restaurant, and it couldn’t get any more authentic.

Pho Viet, which has had its opening delayed due to the Covid-19 outbreak, is the third restaurant venture of Hanoiborn-and-bred Loan ‘Rose’ Nguyen, and her first business foray into regional Victoria.

Spending most of her life as a tour guide for Singaporea­n and Chinese visitors, Ms Nguyen fell in love with food after opening a pho shop on a whim in her home city of Hanoi.

Then taking a gamble and migrating to Australia five years ago, it only took Ms Nguyen a matter of months to open a Vietnamese restaurant — Chain Chain Hot Pot — in Melbourne’s suburb of Footscray in 2016.

The restaurant proved to be hugely popular, known for its buffet-style barbecue and lively interiors.

New calls for action

Calls for greater action on climate change are growing in the Goulburn Valley after a major report revealed the world is on track for an unavoidabl­e 1.5°C warming within a decade.

The sixth Intergover­nmental Panel on Climate Change report warns if imminent action isn’t taken, at 2°C of warming, heat extremes will more frequently reach ‘‘critical tolerance thresholds’’ in agricultur­e and health.

BEAM Mitchell Environmen­t Group president Peter Lockyer said the report was an ‘‘urgent wake-up call’’.

‘‘Government­s adjust the budget year by year in response to changing economic conditions, yet we have not adjusted our emissions reduction,’’ he said.

Coco kangaroo

The Kyabram Free Press encountere­d Coco when a journalist was dispatched to cover the renovation of a small historic village at the Kyabram Fauna Park.

The journalist was surprised when their every move was shadowed by a young and rather cute Kangaroo Island kangaroo named Coco, and then increasing­ly bemused when Coco began to literally leap into every second photo.

Turns out Coco was hand-reared and not in search of food. Released into the main park two days earlier, Coco was just lonely, loves people and was just in search of pats.

Separate from Sydney

Moama Bowling Club is hoping the NSW Government will make a clear distinctio­n between Greater Sydney and the border communitie­s of NSW when the current restrictio­ns end on August 28 for the state’s rural and regional towns.

Sales and marketing manager George Santos said the twin towns’ population relied on being able to cross the border on an almost daily basis, which made the current situation almost unworkable.

“We tend to get treated the same as Sydney,” Mr Santos said.

“But we live in a pretty unique area, where our population needs to cross the river almost every day for something.’’

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