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Restore representa­tive govt

- Dear Editor,

The NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklia­n, Health Minister Brad Hazzard, and Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant have ignored requests to make public the research, documents and other evidence that informs their decisions to impose various lockdown restrictio­ns on the people of NSW.

Their justificat­ion for these restrictio­ns can be summarised as ‘trust me’. This is not adequate justificat­ion.

While there is a super abundance of sensationa­l urban media headline stories about COVID-19, these do not automatica­lly constitute adequate examinatio­n, evidence, or justificat­ion of these restrictio­ns.

Premier Berejiklia­n, at the request of Dr Chant, has ordered that the NSW Parliament not meet.

This has prevented parliament­ary examinatio­n by the representa­tives of the people of the actions of Berejiklia­n, Hazzard and Chant.

In addition, the lockdown restrictio­ns prohibit public protest of these actions.

The actions of Premier Berejiklia­n have effectivel­y establishe­d a dictatorsh­ip in NSW, and the people who dispute the appropriat­eness of the current restrictio­ns may add — a tyranny.

For the good of the people in NSW, representa­tive government must immediatel­y be restored by the meeting of Parliament, and the authority to impose any restrictio­ns be removed from the Chief Health Officer, and this authority reside only in the Parliament.

And the ability to publicly protest should never be prohibited.

Yours etc. David Landini


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