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Pelicans take perch in Deni

- P.Tee

Following our report on Tuesday of rare Magpie Geese in the McFaull Park lagoon we were alerted to the increased presence of pelicans in Brown’s Park.

While these large birds are not a rarity in Brown’s lagoon, we’re told it’s not often there are three at the one time – one or two, but not often three.

However, the ‘trifecta’ hit the waterways on Wednesday, much to the delight of many people who were enjoying the sunshine (even if the breeze was chilly) and the lagoon walk during their daily lockdown exercise.

Pause on picking

The Deniliquin Community Group was set to get underway reviewing applicatio­ns for its grants program, but lockdowns have put this on pause.

The group had just finished its annual call out for interested applicants from local organisati­ons seeking funding.

‘‘We were due to have our meeting last Wednesday,’’ committee member Frieda Nolan said.

‘‘Due to the number of applicants and paperwork, it will be easier for the committee to meet in person to decide the recipients.

‘‘We will announce these as soon as we can.’’

The amount of money available to applicants this year has not been finalised, but it is expected to be between $30,000 and $35,000.

Coal trouble

Hard working garbos from Edward River Council were not impressed when they had to put out a fire that started when a local resident’s rubbish contained hot coals.

The garbo was unaware of the contents of the bin until he smelled smoke coming from the back of the truck.

The truck’s contents had to be dumped in Fowler St to contain and extinguish the fire.

Loader and water trucks attended the scene and will return to collect the cooled down rubbish to transfer to the landfill tomorrow.

Residents are reminded to ensure hot coals are not thrown in your bins.

Pfizer pop up

A pop up Pfizer clinic will be available at Deniliquin Hospital next week.

Those eligible for this clinic (40-60 year olds) wanting to get their first dose of Pfizer, are able to go online and register.

Those wishing to attend this clinic will have to be registered. You will be unable to just walk-in and get vaccinated.

A link to register is available on the Deniliquin LHAC page.

Here, you will follow a seven step process to register.

If you get stuck there and unable to progress with your online registrati­on and booking, you can call 1800 831 099.

Also joining the vaccine roll-out is Eric

Sim Pharmacy, which will be able to give you a free Astra Zeneca jab on September 8 and 9.

Legacy donations

Deni Legacy will be conducting its annual appeal from Monday.

The charity will be unable to conduct its badge and merchandis­e sales this year but is still seeking donations.

‘‘Along with many other charities who rely on generosity to fulfil our role within the community, we are seeking your support via direct donation,’’ said Legatee Tony Cullenward. Tax deductable donations may be made to: The Treasurer, Deniliquin Legacy Group, PO Box 364, Deniliquin 2710, or by direct deposit by contacting Mr Cullenward on 0456 232 301 for banking account details.

Lockdown frustratio­n

And finally, we’re told the frustratio­n around the community was palpable when the Premier announced our lockdown extension yesterday.

From feedback received, it seems the vast majority are happy to do what they can to get through the pandemic, but continue to question why a ‘border bubble’ is okay when imposing restrictio­ns, but does not seem to be an option when it could be used to ease them.

‘‘What’s wrong with a ‘border bubble’ that exempts our area from the statewide lockdown while we have no cases?’’ one reader asked.

It’s a good point, but we don’t think we’ll get an answer from a Premier who struggles to look beyond Penrith.

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? A trio of pelicans spotted together in Brown’s lagoon.
A trio of pelicans spotted together in Brown’s lagoon.
 ??  ?? Council workers dealing with rubbish that caught alight. Photo: Paul Hussey
Council workers dealing with rubbish that caught alight. Photo: Paul Hussey

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